Undergraduate students that are interested a career in games user research can apply for an internship to work as a research assistant with Masters and Ph.D. students in the SWaGUR program. Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by graduate students, explore their areas of interest within the field, make academic connections, and have an awesome summer job.

Research Areas

There are a number of different projects that you could be working on for your summer internship. Here are some of the research areas in the SWaGUR program:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Player experience and analytics

  • Novel interaction in games

  • Gamification and serious games

  • Narrative and games

  • Games user research
  • Affective gaming 
  • Computer supported collaboration

  • Biomedical computation 

  • Computer graphics and simulations

  • Cognitive neuroscience perceptual phenomenon

Check out the About SWaGUR page to learn more about the program and to find out what our graduate students are up to.

What will you do?

In your internship you will support graduate students’ work by aiding them with their research projects. You will have the opportunity to become published in leading academic conferences and journals in the field of games user research. Your work may include, data collection, quantitative or qualitative analysis, coding, data entry, conducting online surveys or interviews, aiding with the write-up of journal articles, research videos, game development and design, and more.  

Time Commitment

The SWaGUR internship will require you to work full-time hours (35-40 hours per week) for a duration of 16 weeks. The work term will run from the start of May until the end of August.


  • Must be a third or fourth-year student
  • Cumulative grade of at least 75% 
  • Interested in a career in games user research 
  • Plans on moving onto the graduate level
  • Experience with research or game design is an asset

Choose your Supervisor

Before applying to SWaGUR find a supervisor at your university (University of Saskatchewan or University of Waterloo) that you would be interested in working with. To see the list of supervisors in the SWaGUR program visit Choose your Supervisor

How to Apply

To apply to the SWaGUR summer internship you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript

Send your application to the supervisor you would like to work with (you can find contact information in the professor’s profile).

Application Deadline

To apply for a summer internship for Spring 2017 submit your application prior to the first week of March. Definite deadlines will be determined by the department you are applying to.