February 1, 2017

Making Games for a Living: How to score a job in the Games industry

Thursday January 20, 2017

Around 200 computer game enthusiasts attended a seminar hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Department with Enrique Ventura, Senior Game Designer at Capcom in Vancouver.  He spoke about his experience making games for a living, the skills a game designer needs and how to develop those skills to meet the demands of the industry.

Enrique Ventura is a Senior Game Designer with Capcom.  He’s been making games for more than 15 years, and some of his past titles include Imperial Glory (Pyro Studios, 2005), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Mercurysteam, 2010) and Dead Rising 3 (Capcom, 2013).  

In addition to the public seminar he gave a talk on puzzle design to students registered in the game development classes (CMPT 898 and CMPT 406) and offered groups feedback on their proposed projects.

SWaGUR CREATE students were given the opportunity to meet with Enrique to ask specific questions about the games industry and his experience.

The SWaGUR faculty team and local game developers also had many opportunities to meet with Enrique to discuss the industry and Game User Research (GUR) Training.

This was a productive and exciting opportunity to gain real industry insight and we thank Enrique Ventura for taking the time to inspire our team of students, faculty and entrepreneurs.


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